Monday, June 6, 2011


video by Alicia Grant

We are busily planning the second installment of Nuit Blanche Devereaux
RIP Rue Maclanahan

Sat June 25
in and around High Park
stay tuned for meeting Spot and more information

Featuring work by:
Jan Avendano
Yuula Benivolski
Misha Bower
Isla Craig & Minae Omi
Aurora De Pena
Amelia Ehrhardt & Heather Mctavish
Alicia Grant
Iris Fraser-Gudrunas & Mat Laporte
Anna May Henry
Naomi Hocura & Nicole Dawkins
Julia Kennedy
Joyce Lau
Barb Lindenberg & Anna Silverstein
Laura McCoy
Sojourner Truth Parsons & Phil Hamilton
Evelyn Pelayo
Aimee Dawn Robinson
Zoja Smutny & Guntar Kravis
Stacey Sproule
Meichen Waxer

Curated by Victoria Cheong and Allison Peacock

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