Monday, June 13, 2011

Nuit Blanche Devereaux II participating artists

collage by Evelyn Pelayo
Jan Avendano creates the map and handbill for Nuit Blanche Devereaux II, available on site on June 25

Yuula Benivolski

Misha Bower reads short stories

Isla Craig and Minae Omi
perform a medley of songs form the hit musical of the 1960's - Hair. Invoking the sunshine, revolutionary spirit, life and.....HAIR.

Aurora De Pena
puts on a performance about exhaustion and the absence of love in the early pioneer days

Amelia Ehrhardt & Heather McTavish - READY & MORRIS
Amelia Ehrhardt and Heather McTavish perform a Morris dance in the rolling greens of High Park to celebrate the arrival of summertime.

This video is part of Silvy Panet Raymond's project, The Missing Link. The project offers some material that people manipulate, respond to and translate.  Working with impulse and intuition,  I translated the concealment and rhythm from Sylvie's short dance film into my own.

Iris Fraser Gudrunas & Mat Laporte
Iris Fraser and Mat Laporte make video art produced through methods of chance. Will and Fate also come into play.

Statestes Trailer from Iris Fraser on Vimeo.

Anna May Henry - PARTY POETRY
The 'Party Poetry' Celebration Banners turn our notions of beauty into a fun party room where the words we normally see in the confines of pages in books become a part of our social experience. There is so much more in life to celebrate than birthdays and weddings.

Naomi Hocura & Nicole Dawkins - COSMIC MUSHROOM FOREST
Last week a rouge spore landed in High Park and produced a mushroom garden with an unprecedented number of unclassified species. Mycologists are fervently trying to identify the origin of these foreign fungi and are baffled by the strong aromatic qualities of these species. Some scientists are hopeful that these mushrooms could be proof of life on a sister planet.

What happens when you combine a big Buddha with a teletubbie? Transport to the peaks of Lantau, enlightenment is a flicker away.

Barb Lindenberg & Anna Silverstein - CORRESPONDENCE
Anna and Barb will present some dance moves from another space and time.


Julia Kennedy, Sojourner Truth Parsons & Phil Hamilton - ASTRAL GARDEN PARTY
open a cafe in Phil Hamilton's Backyard featuring live performance by Beard Closet, good life macro vibes, positive whims, winning hearts.

collages the poster for Nuit Blanche Devereaux II and sends it with love from Barcelona, Spain.

Aimée Dawn Robinson - CONTAINED STREAM
Aimée performs an improvised dance solo involving a set of fifty to seventy simple metal buckets filled with water

Zoja Smutny & Guntar Kravis - BETWEENTIME (GIRLS ON FILM)
A short contemporary dance film, six dancers explore the resilience of women through fashion, furniture and fairy tales.

Stacey Sproule
constructs site-specific garments that can be worn by a person and an element of nature at the same time

Meichen Waxer
Meichen installs a series of Yantra outlines made from rope made by finger crochet

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