Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MAP & SCHEDULE of events for Saturday

Visit this google map to get a sense of what is going on Saturday.
Our meeting spot is the gates at Parkside and High Park blvd at 1pm
we will hand out paper maps and schedules for the day from there.

View Nuit Blanche Devereaux 2 in a larger map

1 pm meeting spot at gates at Parkside & High Park BLVD

Laura McCoy - Help Nature
traveling installation, multiple locations

1-3:30pm installations:

Anna May Henry - Party Poetry
turn right (North) at the first path off High Park blvd

Naomi Hocura & Nicole Dawkins - Cosmic Mushroom Forest
turn right along the second path off High Park blvd

Stacey Sproule, site-specific garments

2 pm Amelia Ehrhardt & Heather McTavish - Ready and Morris, performance
in a field by the parking lot close to the zoo

3pm Yuula Benivolski

3:30 Aurora Stewart De Pena, short play
at the High Park Forest School

4:15 Misha Bower, reading
by the Yellow Circles Sculpture

5-7pm Iris Fraser Gudrunas & Mat Laporte, video art installation
at the Poutine shack

5:45 ADR - Contained Stream, improvised dance solo
on a path by the Allotment Gardens

6:45 Isla Craig & Minae Omi - Hair, performance
Grenadier Pond at the bottom of the cherry blossom hil

7:30 Meichen Waxer, installation
Bridge, South end of Grenadier Pond

8 Anna Silverstein & Barb Lindenberg - Correspondance, performance
Stairway that runs between Colborne Lodge Drive & Grenadier Pond

8:30 Zoja Smutny & Guntar Kravis - Betweentime (Girls on Film), dance film screening
Colborne Lodge courtard

9:15 Sojourner Truth Parsons, Julia Kennedy, Phil Hamilton - Astral Garden Party, cafe and music performance * delicious plates of food for $5
108 Sorauren Ave. Entrance on Pearson Ave

10:30- 11:15 Joyce Lau, Tele-Buddha-Tubbie, installation
25 Marion St. Porch

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