Thursday, May 28, 2009

it begins...

Hi all,
the Nuit Blanche Devereaux schedule has changed only slightly.
Daniela's second set has been cancelled (sadly!!) and times changed accordingly.
There will be a paper map and schedule that will be available starting at 2:00 at the first location, (Trinity Bellwoods Park- at the Queen entrance gates) and then at every location throughout the events. The map is going to be beautiful and is being hand drawn- probably as I type- by Yuula B.
If for some weird reason it rains- we will tarp things up accordingly. If for some really weird reason it pours- we will improvise... please don't rain!!

Here is the new official schedule:

LAURA MCCOY, Performance
"Straight up the Pipe"
Trinity Bellwoods Park (various spots)
2:00- 3:00pm
20 min x 3 locations within the park

ZOJA SMUTNY, Site-specific performance
Intersection at Queen and Brock
3x 20-minute performances 3:30, 4:25, 5:00 pm
performers: Guntar Kravis, Zoja Smutny, Carlos González-Vio

"Untitled" (dance performance to be viewed from a distance)
Alley beside the Public Butter (1290 Queen St. West)
10 minute performance, once only

"Playing with Fur"
Backyard at 45 Fennings St.(enter through back laneway that runs off Humbert between Fennings and Brookfield)
4:30- 6:00pm
5 minute slideshow (loop)

DANIELA GESUNDHEIT, Musical interludes
"Little Portugal’s Storefronts Sing the Hits"
Luckily Cafe, 229 Ossington
5:00-6:15 pm
Sets by Snowblink w. Luxury Pond & Isla Craig

"A Set by The Youngest + a Tree Installation"
Pierre Elliott Trudeau school- 65 Grace St. just North of Dundas
6:30- 7:15pm

UP DARLING 5: Dances
3 short pieces by Megan English
"Through Glass and Water "by Barb Lindenberg
1 improvisation by Aimee Dawn Robinson
Trinity Bellwoods Park (Near the NorthWest edge of the ravine)
7:30- 8:30pm

IRIS FRASER, Two new videos screening with affordable refreshments
"Ladies Night at the Concession Stand"
Backyard at 951 Dundas (to be entered via the laneway at the bottom of Grace/ top of Trinity Bellwoods)
8:45- 9:45pm
(featuring Adrienne Kammerer, Keith Jones & mystery man)

YUULA & XENIA BENIVOLSKI, Video & Installation
Charles G. Park, small parkette beside 56 Wright Ave. (near Sorauren)
10:20- 11:20
20 minute video (loop)

JOYCE LAU, Projection/ Installation
25 Marion St. front porch
11:30 - 12:30am

"Biography of a Dozen Drinkers (part one)"
25 Marion St. Backyard
12:15- 12:45am

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